Rising star of UK Speedway; Elliot Kelly.


Monday, 10 June '18
Injury update.

Following a visit to A&E this morning Elliot has been advised that he has suffered internal bruising to his ribs and kidneys which will be monitored over the next few days. His knee appears to be okay but he has been ordered to rest up.
At this point it is not known how long Elliot will be out of action for and so far, apart from the Fen Tigers trip to Belle Vue this evening, he has only withdrawn from Redcar Cubs fixture against Berwick on Friday and Sunday's GB Youth round at Glasgow.


Sunday, 9 June
Elliot one of three injured as depleted Fen Tigers suffer.

After racing to a heat maximum 5:1 in heat two that helped put the home side five points ahead, Mildenhall's afternoon of woes began when victor Macauley Leek crashed after crossing the finishing line and was forced to withdraw from the meeting.
In the following heat fan's favourite Charlie Brooks suffered the first of two successive falls and also failed to appear for his final two progammed rides.
In heat for Elliot fell, was disqualified and, possibly suffering a knee injury, was also forced to withdraw from the meeting, leaving the home outfit with no reserve cover and six heats in which they could only track one rider.
It is therefore hardly surprising that with only fit riders remaining that the strength of the visiting Cradley Heathens who, despite the valiant efforts of the remaining Mildenhall quartet, proved too much and once the black country outfit took the lead, after heat seven, went on to gradually increase their advantage and run out 38:51 winners.
Full heat details and individual scores can be viewed on the Speedway Updates website by clicking here.


Thursday, 6 June '19
Unbeaten M&SDL debut for Elliot at Birmingham.

In his Midland and Southern Development League debut meeting proved to be a total success. Making a guest appearance for the Reading Racers, who took their second win in a row, Elliot was denied a three ride maximum by the imposition of the ten o'clock time curfew which prevented the final heat - his last programmed ride - being run.
Racing on a track he had never raced on before Elliot helped the Racers stamp their authority over their hosts, the Milton Keynes Knights, in the first half of the fixture by taking victory in heats two and three to put them ten points in front, Douglas and O'Keefe having already put the visitors four in front in the opening heat.
The initial running of heat two was stopped after Elliot, leading, was forced to lay his bike down to avoid riding into home man Sam Boon who had fallen in last place and failed to clear the track. The referee awarded the race in the order the riders were placed at the time of the stoppage, with Elliot getting three points, his team mate Rhys Laker getting one, and Knights' Stephen Whitehouse sitting between them for two points.
With Reading leading by six points, Elliot again sped from the tapes to complete an untroubled win, while Laker rounded Spencer in the first bend to take another 5-1 and put the match score at 4-14.
Unfortunately there was no time to run heat six, leaving the final score Milton Keynes 7, Reading 23.

Individual scores

MK Knights: 1.J.Spencer 2, 2.Craig Osborne 0, 3.Sam Boon 0, 4.Stephen Whitehouse 5.

Reading Racers: 1.Kieran Douglas 6, 2.William O'Keefe 7+2, 3.Elliott Kelly 6, 4.Rhys Laker 4+1.

Heat Details: Ht 1. Douglas, O'Keefe, Spencer, Osborne. 1:5
Ht 2. Kelly, Whitehouse, Laker, Boon fx. 2:4 - 3:9
Ht 3. Kelly, Laker, Spencer, Osborne. 1:5 - 4:14
Ht 4. Douglas, O'Keefe, Whitehouse, Boon (ex). 1:5 - 5:19
Ht 5. O'Keefe, Whitehouse, Laker, Osborne. 2:4 - 7:23
Ht 6.    - Not run due to curfew -